Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Want To Get Your Ex Back

Are you one of those guys that learn from their own mistakes? If you are, then I’m sure that learning from other people’s mistakes won’t be a problem for you. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistakes that I did, trying to get my ex back.

If you want to get your ex back, this is what you should not do:

1. Don’t turn yourself into a stalker. It’s important to give your ex some space, therefore don’t make excuses to bump into her on any occasion possible. Also, don’t turn yourself into a message texting terrorist. By flooding your ex with emails or hundreds of text messages you can only increase your chances of losing her forever.

2. Don’t make threats of any kind. Even if she’s already seeing someone, that doesn’t mean everything is lost. Maybe she’s just doing that to make you jealous. So, compose yourself and don’t let jealousy take control of you. Keep in mind that no one likes threats of any kind, and trying to force someone back into a relationship via who knows what threats, is not going to work.

3. Don’t manipulate friends trying to get your ex back. Don’t send her messages to her through your mutual friend or through her parents. It will make you look like you’re playing dirty and you will make her resent you even more.

4. Don’t make your ex feel guilty. Even if she is the one that made the mistake which lead to your separation, you should never make your ex feel guilty about it. By wearing an “I’m the victim here” sign it can only irritate your ex and put more distance between the both of you.

5. Don’t try to buy your ex back. That might also be interpreted as a cheap trick and not only can end the relationship for good, it may also burn a hole into your account. Also, don’t act overly nice and under any circumstance, don’t try to turn into a slave that would do anything to earn her graces. You may end up getting used, hurt and zero chances of getting your ex back.

Now, if you’re asking yourself ” how to get my ex back ? ” there are many strategies for that. In fact, to get my ex back, I followed a very sound plan, which worked 100%.

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